Reviews – August 2005

The Assemblers ‘Strung Up/Cabriolet’ (White label)

Its been a little while since a couple of ounces of freebie white label wax has popped through my letter box, and the fact that I don’t think that the experience has proven to be quite as pleasurable as this in the past requires that I remark upon it in the most glowing of terms, even though I’m not entirely sure what the name of the label will be when this one shows up in the shops. All I know for the moment is that it will be available through those Breakin’ Bread/Boombox label/distributor chappies. Anyway, what of The Assemblers? The press sheet is all very mysterious and elusive, but I happen to know that at least one of their number has been on TOTP as the ‘DJ cred’ behind some pop floozie or other, but thankfully for all concerned, that’s well behind him now and moving things forward with this succulent 45 definitely takes a real turn up the kinda streets you want to be heading along this summer. Yup, sunshine is the operative word on the lead track; although the opening delayed guitar riff actually made me think of the avant-rock stylings of the early Piano Magic records, before the crisp and insistent beat came in combination with some lush Motown strings, and right away morphed the feel of the track into something utterly different and infinitely more accessible. This track is just soooo pop-tastic it should be spread wall-to-wall all over daytime radio, given a fair and just world. Let’s Hope. Having said all of those good things about the A side, I do have to say that I really prefer the flip, but that’s probably because it has its feet firmly in the cheesy-beats camp. A frenetic mash-up of hundreds of the cheapest beats and samples from charidee shop heaven, all Swingin’ London, cheap nylon suits and 8-track cartridges blaring out from Mini Coopers…ah, yes – just the ticket! I’m told that this is a limited run of just 500, so don’t mess about – get one quick!