Review: Mac Demarco’s This Old Dog

This Old Dog, Mac DeMarco’s third album, is a great listen. If you are unfamiliar with his work, then this is probably a good entry point too. It marks a bit of change for the artist yet retains the flavor which fans have come to be familiar with.

The thing that you will probably notice upon first listening to the album is that it shows some significant signs of growth. The writing of the lyrics itself is a bit more mature, as the songs never seem to waste words. It is also noticeably sadder compared to the previous records. As DeMarco touches on some of his personal issues, mostly about his father, one could not but empathize. In addition to this, long-time listeners will also notice that there is less emphasis on the woozy guitar effects. One could even say that there is significantly more acoustic guitar here than in the previous two albums combined.

Mac DeMarco is perhaps known for his chill-out and laid back approach to rock music and life in general. Yet, for someone who lives in the moment, he was able to produce an album that feels timeless.