5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Starting Guitar Lessons

When a beginner wants to begin their guitar lessons, s/he is always filled with lots of doubts and questions. Queries such as how many hours you’ll need to practice to get better to what is the best learner guitar (electric) that one can buy tend to cross the minds of beginners. But before you pay for a guitar lesson or make up your mind on whether you need one, below are some questions that you need to ask yourself.

How can I start learning how to play the guitar?

To begin learning how to play the guitar, you just need to pick up a guitar and play it. It’s as simple as that. However, if you want to become successful in playing the instrument, you need to create a program on how you plan to play. From there, consider getting a teacher to help you with your lessons or an online course, book or software. Also, set daily reminders of when you can be able to practice to ensure that you remain consistent.

What genre of music do I want to play?

Before you decide on what guitar to buy, you need first to ask yourself the type of music you want to play. There are different types of guitar with some being suited to a certain genre of music better than others. By settling on the type of music you want to play, it’ll be much easier for you to come to a quick decision regarding the type of guitar to get.

Should I have my own guitar?

Our simple answer to this question is yes; you should have your own guitar. This is very important as the program you create should involve regular practices which also means you need to have access to a guitar. While you can easily borrow from a friend, this may work against you especially when they need to travel with their guitar, and you don’t have access to one. Owning your own guitar also makes it easy to practice during your free time. Ensure that your guitar is easy to play so that you don’t easily get discouraged from playing.

Do I need to play regularly?

As the saying goes, practice makes perfect. If you are learning how to play an instrument and what to achieve perfection, you need to be consistent and have regular practice sessions on a daily basis if possible. Regular practice doesn’t mean you have to play the guitar hours on end. It simply means that you should be able to spare some minutes daily to practice. This could be anything from as little as 10 minutes daily to 60 minutes if your schedule allows.

What common beginner mistakes should I avoid?

As is the norm with anyone learning a new thing, there are common pitfalls that can be avoided. When you are a beginner, it’s important that you don’t give up when things get tough. For one to improve their playing skills, it’s important that you record yourself and listen back so as to know the areas you can improve on. Also, ensure you take time and learn your guitar and how it is able to produce the sound that it does.