Proper Vinyl Storage

It is a well-known fact that vinyl provides audiophiles the best music quality out of all the existing formats. Yet, you will find that they do not last very long if they are not handled or stored properly. Here are few tips to help you store your records safely and correctly. Keep in mind that these tips ensure that your records stay in the best possible condition.

  • Always Use the Sleeves – The record sleeves provide your Vinyl collection so much more than just beautiful cover art. They protect your records from the harmful elements that could eventually damage them such as dirt, dust, and direct sunlight. That being said, you should never store your records out of their sleeves as they could easily get damaged and scratched.
  • Keep them in Cool and Dry Place – Too much heat and humidity can easily render your music collection worthless, so it would be smart to store them in a cool and dry place. After all, you would not want your precious vinyl collection to get warped or to grow molds.

These are just a few basic tips to help you store your vinyl collection properly.